My Approach

  • In Art Therapy, you are supported to connect your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and internal images with some sort of expression.  This can include drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, writing poetry, or even engaging in movement.
  • I help you access internal imagery through Focusing-oriented approaches, visualization exercises, and mindfulness techniques.
  • We reflect on your work together, in collaboration.
  • When you come to Art Therapy with me, you can expect to be listened to carefully, to have your words and images attended to with care.
  • As a Psychotherapist, I draw on my clinical skills to guide you as you navigate towards greater health and fulfillment.
  • As an Art Therapist and Artist, I facilitate creative exploration to help you release blocks, explore new perspectives, trust your inner guidance, develop spontaneity, and build confidence in your innate creativity.