My Story

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Growing up, I would spend many hours drawing and writing stories. My father worked on one of those giant mainframe computers, ( this was in Poland in the 70’s ), which spat out reams of paper with binary code on one side. These big reams of paper, attached together like a giant accordion, were my playing field – the blank page where I lived, played, made sense of the world, amused myself, wondered, and experimented. Thousands of drawings and stories later, I am still doing this work!

In the ups and downs of growing up, creative expression was a saving grace, a place to cultivate aliveness, wildness, and a passion for life. As I got a little older, I studied literature, mime, mask, technical theatre, commercial art, painting, creative writing, modern dance, and acting. I wrote poetry, short stories, plays, and novellas. I read poetry. This carried me through. It was water and nourishment. It kept me connected to what I knew to be “true”, to the little voice inside that was in danger of being overwhelmed. It was also my way of praying, of connecting to something deep, mysterious, powerful, and profoundly life-giving.

When I took my first Art Therapy class during graduate counselling training, I knew I had found it. Here, I could integrate all the threads of my lifelong engagement, play, and learning. Here, I could see the connections.

I would like to share some of the fruits of my creative journey with you, as well as the therapeutic tools I have gained along the way!